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Eyes that haunt me...

A cold night before Christmas...Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco..The houses lined on both sides of the street are decorated with Christmas lights. Warmth oozes out as the smoke dances its way up the chimneys. Lights in the windows tell us stories. Maybe, inside those houses, families are sitting around the crackling fire, eating, talking, loving and laughing. Outside, people are walking by... in festive mood.

We have also left the coziness and warmth of the hotel room, and are now walking on the footpath to reach the seafood restaurant at the corner of Taylor and Jefferson streets. Cold wind is blowing against our faces, and we are just trudging along huddled to ourselves. While walking, hubby notices a streak of frothy water coming from a dark corner of the footpath...steps aside..I was about to skip across it when I meet those eyes in the dark shadows...a figure wrapped in bundle of clothes and sleeping bag, lying in a dark corner...too cold to get up and pee elsewhere....

Did I see a smirk in his eyes? While the entire world moves on in front of him, ignoring and turning him invisible, he leaves an undeniable presence... he is very much there in the dark shadows....

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