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I paint therefore I am...

Welcome to Mumuscape

Not a painter by profession, but by choice… a modern existentialist painter, who likes to experiment with techniques and blend styles. Life is an experience; with its many shades of emotions and plethora of colors! I capture that experience in my paintings; my inspirations are drawn from sights, sounds and smells of everyday people around me.  I truly draw sustenance from my favorite saying, “Life is an art, a myriad of visions, opportunities, and love.”

​Born and raised in India; I’ve spent most of my working life abroad. An engineer by profession, I have worked in the industry and regulatory agencies in the USA. For years, I have taught civil engineering in universities. However, I teach myself to draw through my paintings. Never had a formal training in art; my pursuit in art began at an early age through sketches and experimenting with watercolors. Later in life, I switched to acrylic paints and that became the medium of choice. I continue to explore my passion; whenever I find a break in my hectic life; or more so whenever my soul needs to find a creative break!

I realized my “personal legend” (The Alchemist; Paulo Coelho), when I took a break from my profession and went to live in Belgium for 4 years. That's the time when I started to paint more regularly and developed my world of paintings that I lovingly call Mumuscape. This is my world where I bare my soul, that helps me transcend the boundaries of mundaneness of everyday life. Art is my life; and I express my life through Mumuscape. I relive and revisit places through my paintings that adorn the walls of my many buyers in USA, India, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

​I currently reside in Greenwood, Indiana with my husband Prantik Sinha. Prantik and our only son Soham are my advisers, assistants and critics. Without their support I would not have come the distance I have....but without painting and without the love expressed by many unknown admirers like you...I am nothing..I paint therefore I know me --I paint therefore I know you....

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